Parker – SSD Drives AC890PX

The Parker AC890PX is a high power, modular stand-alone AC drive designed to control the speed of open-loop and closed-loop, AC induction or servo motor applications. Includes Safe Torque Off (STO) feature to SIL3 or PLe. The unique modular design includes easily replaced plug-in power modules.

Compatible with a wide range of feedback options, the AC890PX is designed to work with any AC motor and virtually any speed/position feedback options. Variations for DC input and line regeneration can be provided, as well as chassis-mount style.

The AC890PX is available through 500 HP in air cooled ratings, and through 1800 HP with Parker advanced liquid cooling. Voltage ranges available include 380-500V, 575V, and 690V 3-phase.


  • 4-mode operation…volts/hertz, sensorless vector, full flux vector, PMAC servo
  • Variable torque and constant torque ratings
  • Safe torque off (STO) standard
  • Function block programming
  • UL, cUL listed ratings
  • Application macros
  • Choice of multiple communications cards
  • Programming keypad included
  • Options for print registration, fieldbus comms, feedback, more…
  • Links to manuals: 890 Stand-Alone Drive Quickstart Guide, 890 Common Drive Quickstart Guide890 Engineering Reference