Replacement for SSD 570, 570L, 590D, 590L  35-135 Amp Power modules

Drive Systems Technology is pleased to announce the offering of a direct bolt for bolt, wire for wire replacement for the above SSD drives. The current 590+ drives cannot directly replace the old chassis and the increased depth may not fit into shallow control enclosures.  This new power module is the same height as the old chassis and requires NO re-drilling of mounting holes or re-wiring of any power connections.  Instead of having to rewire the existing legacy drive system, technicians can now unbolt the old power module and install a new one with only a wrench and screw driver.  Encoder & Tachometer modules are reusable.

590D control wiring can be plugged directly into the 590Px power module and configurations will directly install with DSE890Lite. Upgraded 32bit technology allows drive upgrades to incorporate new added system function blocks. Addition of a Link-net tech box allows non-link systems to be upgraded to Ethernet Link technology.

In Link1 systems, elimination of L5207 processors and the associated optical connections provides for a more reliable machine control.

Each drive has onboard Analog and Digital I/O allowing elimination of legacy Link1 analog (L5201) and digital (L5202/L5209) modules.

For those systems using the DRV chassis, this power module will replace the existing DRV power module with no rewiring.

There is no price penalty for all this convenience as pricing for this module is approximately the same as the 590+ module.

Typical configuration engineering requires about 1/2 day per Link1 drive section.

The bottom line is a cost reduction of about $1500 in installation and vastly reduced downtime due to the elimination of mechanical and electrical modifications.

Electrical drawings will require minimal non-CAD modifications that can be made by hand.